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Phantasmagoria 2000/2005

Video projection and installation, neon signage, dimensions variable, 7 mins, looped, colour, silent or with a soundtrack (a collaboration with Matt Wand)

Drawing on zoetropes and other simple Victorian illusionistic toys, Phantasmagoria presents a panoramic video projection. Revolving mirrors enable the image to flit across the space in perpetual motion. Set against the urban skyline, large shadowy forms interfere with roads and train tracks, dive-bomb buildings with outsize paper aeroplanes and dance on towerblocks. Targeting landmarks such as Strangeways prison, the women wander unhampered by etiquette or restrictions; at home in their environment.The 2005 version incorporates a new soundtrack commission by Matt Wand.

Autoparts – IDEA, Salford, 2000. Creation of Destruction: Video Medeja 5 - Novi Sad, Serbia, 2000. CF-01: Communication Front Symposium - Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2001. microMuseum: Medi@terra - Athens-Lavrion, Sofia, Belgrade, Maribor, Frankfurt, Osnabrück, 2001. Brass Art: Phantasmagoria - The Lowry, Salford, 2005.